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Blackout Roller Shadse 

Classic Room Darkening Roller Shades

Our Classic Room Darkening Roller Shades offer the traditional look of a roller shade. Each shade comes with a beaded cord loop for ease of use. Choose from the traditional roll or upgrade to a cassette headrail for a more elegant roller shade

Great for light sleepers, restless children and anyone who works nights, these Roller Shades are made of woven cotton/poly with triple-pass blackout thermal backing . Continuous chain retractor allows precise, effortless height adjustment
Blackout Pleated Shades
Blackout Pleated Shades

Pleated window shades offer an attractive combination of high fashion with
many  patterns and textures, good value,  and convenient operation. Simply styled and designed, pleated shades are an economical value in soft window coverings.
Blackout Skylight Cellular Shades

Blackout Fabrics

Graber CrystalPleat® Cellular Shades in blackout fabrics provide maximum

privacy and light control without any images visible through closed shades. These insulating Cellular Shades come in beautiful fabrics and colors and coordinate with optional wood valances and cornices crafted from the finest hardwoods.

Blackout and Room Darkening Shade Fabrics SheerWeave 7000 and SheerWeave 7100

Phifer's SheerWeave 7000 and SheerWeave 7100 are uniquely designed to
provide total light blockage - perfect for home media rooms or corporate
presentation rooms

When selecting light-blocking window treatments for a number of rooms
within the same building, SheerWeave 7100 is an ideal choice.
This laminated blackout fabric was designed to match other
SheerWeave fabrics for a coordinated look
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